The Courtyard Tea Rooms, Poole, England

We had just over an hour in Poole, so we ducked into a pub for a warm, flat beer, and checked Trip Advisor to see what sounded good. The Courtyard Tea Rooms came up as number 3 and had such great reviews, we decided to go there.

There are two rooms inside and an outdoor courtyard for dining or enjoying a tea service. As we walked through the first dining room into the kitchen, it became clear that this establishment had been a home and was converted to a restaurant. The woman working in the home-style kitchen was cooking all of the food and baking all of the cakes in what was hardly larger than most Americans’ kitchens.

I had a fun time being introduced to Fentimans, a botanically brewed beverage. When it’s served, it comes with a quirky card.


I advise reading the card and following the directions for a cute little laugh.

Fentimans Card

The card suggests that one’s right hand is very useful for FURTLING, which, you’ll find, it is.


I ordered the soup of the day, which was vegetable soup, and it was served piping hot with freshly baked bread.

Veggie Soup

Fresh and delicious. Next was a cheese and spicy chutney sandwich with a side salad.


Sean opted for the frittata of the day, also served with a side salad.


The service was spectacular, the food was fresh and well prepared, and the owners are clearly hard-working and love what they do. We were so glad to have trusted the good old Trip Advisor recommendations on this one.

Cheddar and Pepper Stuffed Corn Bread

I found a great Buttermilk Cornbread recipe from a fellow ailurophile and food blogger Cat, from Fox in the Pine. Her recipe made more cornbread than I had expected, so I was thrilled to nibble on one of my favorite quick breads for a few days. Having leftovers also inspired me to explore stuffed cornbread, or a cornbread “sandwich,” if you will.

I sautéed some green pepper and onion from the farmers’ market.

Then I DIDN’T nibble… I sliced the cornbread and used self control and waited patiently.

Next, it was a simple sandwich making process: cheddar cheese and sautéed peppers and onions.

I baked my cornbread sandwich on a pizza stone at 350 or so until it was all warm and melty and amazing.

It’s my new favorite treat. Enjoy!


14 Ways in 14 Days- A Taste of How Much I Care, Taste 1

On my first day of giving him a taste of how much I care, I brought us a picnic lunch to share in the park. It was, after all, another gorgeous winter day in Boulder.

I rode my bike to Whole Foods for some in-house roasted turkey breast, a loaf of Udi’s roasted garlic ciabatta, cream cheese, sharp cheddar, and an avocado.  Oh, wait… and a miniature Chocolove milk chocolate bar.  Dessert is important.

I had a plan to make a good, simple sandwich.






I mixed and mashed half an avocado with approximately one tablespoon of both dijon mustard and honey. I sliced the roasted garlic ciabatta into reasonable sandwich sized slices and topped one side with cream cheese and the other with the avocado spread.






It just takes a little turkey, cheddar, and fresh ground black pepper to make a delicious sandwich. Put it together, and don’t forget a bit of chocolate for dessert.

I picked up a mini Chocolove milk chocolate bar as an impulse buy at the Whole Foods checkout. Best impulse buy of the year so far.



Blue Cheese and Pear on Rye

I’m a big fan of Rye bread, and I picked up a loaf of locally baked Breadworks Rye from Alfalfa’s, so I’ve been enjoying this flavor-packed “spicy” bread for a few days now.  Why did I describe this bread as “spicy?” Well, every bar tender in town describes rye whisky (one of my favorite spirits) as “spicy,” so I’m using that flavor descriptor for this bread. Do people call rye bread spicy? I have no idea…

Anyway, I made a sandwich with rye, blue cheese (from Cured) and pear. Yum. I could go for another right now…


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